Jason Collins, Vice President of Administration

My name is Jason Collins. I am currently the Vice President of Administration for the National Coalition of Frontline Workers (NCFW). I am excited and honored to serve the frontline workers of this Great Country and beyond through this position.

I began my career in the Fire Service as a volunteer firefighter in Montgomery County, Maryland starting in 1996. I quickly knew that this was my passion. I was hired as a civilian firefighter with the Department of the Navy at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Bethesda, Maryland. In 2001 I left the Naval Surface Warfare Center to take a position as a firefighter in Frederick County, Maryland as a firefighter. This move was more conducive to starting and raising a family to work for a bigger fire department. Finally, in August of 2004, I was offered a position to fulfill my lifelong dream of working for a City Fire Department and began my career with the Washington DC Fire Department. I am currently a backstep firefighter assigned to Engine Company 20 in Tenleytown. Working for the DC Fire Department has been challenging and rewarding. Most recently, I recognized the need to give members a voice when the regular avenues to have their voices heard were muted by bureaucracy, politics, and the selfish nature of leaders throughout organizations designed to protect workers’ rights. I successfully organized, with the help of many others, a process to ensure members’ rights were protected and their voices were heard through existing laws that policymakers otherwise ignored. This effort resulted in saving hundreds of jobs and empowering other members always to stand firm in their convictions.

I was born and raised in Central Maryland. My grandparents raised me on our family farm, where I still live today, with my wife, Nicole, and four children. I enjoy farming and flying airplanes in my spare time.

Moving forward, I am incredibly excited to serve in this position to the best of my ability to ensure that we continue to move forward with making sure every voice is heard and legitimized for frontline workers across the world as the machine constantly tries to drown out the voice of opposition.