November 4th , 2022

The National Coalition of Frontline Workers is proud to endorse Senator Marco Rubio for the US Senate from the great State of Florida. This endorsement is a historic and monumental change to having the voice of frontline workers in Florida heard. The fact that frontline workers across the state voted for this endorsement in a bottom-up democratic process that has not been done before adds a level of legitimacy to this endorsement never seen before. Endorsements from other organizations do not reflect the will of frontline workers and we are excited to change the way endorsements are done.

Senator Rubio has the full support of boots on the ground frontline workers in Florida for his commonsense approach to Government and his willingness to stand with frontline workers to ensure that we have the protections that are necessary to safely and effectively protect the public that we are so committed to. Senator Rubio’s position on principal issues to frontline workers such as medical freedom and gun control resulted in a unanimous vote from all Florida members of the National Coalition of Frontline Workers to endorse Senator Rubio without question.

Jason Collins
Chief Administrative Officer
National Coalition of Frontline Workers

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