The Mission of the National Coalition of Frontline Workers (NCFW) is to provide unparalleled, compassionate representation for every frontline worker in the United States. We will focus on affecting immediate change, anchoring our work on protecting human rights and preserving the freedom of individual choice.

Membership Benefits Overview

  • True Representation

  • Immediate Powerful Media Access

  • Wellness Services

  • Discounted Tuition

The National Coalition of Frontline Workers welcomes you to the fastest-growing organization that represents all frontline workers across the United States. There is finally a nonpartisan organization that allows the membership to be the authority through transparent policy, accountable leadership, and professional service to give you a powerful voice on the issues that matter the most. The National Coalition of Frontline Workers will “always find a way to help”. Our extensive efforts to provide a voice to eliminate the “blanket policy” effect of other organizations that always results in the majority being silenced and misrepresented. We recognize and appreciate the broad spectrum of demographics that make up this powerful coalition and understand that one policy for all is not conducive to empowering the body of the organization because members in California have different needs than members in Florida, even when the mission is the same there is not a one size fits all scenario for all frontline workers. The National Coalition of Frontline Workers is here to change the way frontline workers are represented by allowing our important voices to be heard.

If you want to affect positive change in your career, your community, and your country, take the first step of becoming a member of the National Coalition of Frontline Workers. Whether you are a firefighter, EMS, nurse, police officer, or a member of any other profession that protects life on the frontline (career, volunteer, or retired), NCFW membership is an empowering decision. As always, in unity, there is strength: where there is consensus amongst coalition members in a particular arena – that collective voice will be heard. Members will engage in political action around elections and legislation that will yield tangible results (I.e. tax incentives, mortgage assistance, better compensation, equipment upgrades, and access to federal, state, and local grants). The nominal cost of membership dues is an asset that has value beyond the exponential opportunity for a political voice. Our goal is that every membership dollar invested will be worth five dollars of redeemable savings. The value of becoming an NCFW member will grow in parallel to the organization; we hope you will consider becoming a charter member and forge this pathway with us.

Why Join the NCFW?

Members of the NCFW across the country deserve extraordinary benefits for their sacrifice of service. The National Coalition of Frontline Workers values our membership and continues to strive daily to provide unparalleled benefits to keep our members protected, healthy, and financially secure. We have partnered with the National Coalition of Frontline Workers Foundation to bring you the following benefits:

True Representation

  • Your vote counted in the selection of political leaders in local, state, & national races.
  • NCFW is not affiliated or aligned with any political party. A majority vote from the membership will be equivalent to boots-on-the-ground support and financial backing of chosen candidates.

Powerful Media Access

  • Unlimited access to the NCFW Media for FREE. This contains all of our premium media content including podcasts, interviews, videos, newsletters, and more!
  • This is a value of $300.00 annually, free to you as a member.

Wellness Services

Post Vaccine Syndrome/Disease and Long Covid Healthcare

Keeping our members healthy and able to perform the job that they love at a high level is a top priority for the National Coalition of Frontline Workers. The NCFW recognizes that many frontline workers suffer from Post Vaccine Syndrome and Disease along with Long Covid symptoms. We also recognize that receiving competent, compassionate healthcare from medical professionals that have a good understanding of their symptoms is a huge problem. The NCFW Foundation has partnered with industry-leading Doctors for this specific care to ensure that our members have the greatest chance of returning to full health. In conjunction with the NCFW, NCFW Foundation, and Dr. Pierre Kory we are extremely proud to offer a streamlined process and access to this healthcare. In addition to access to this world-class healthcare, the NCFW Foundation has gone a step further and will offer grants to qualified NCFW members to cover three months of this healthcare, a $1,650 value. This benefit not only limits the financial burden of getting better but it lessens the stress of trying to find a Doctor that will be understanding and will treat our members.

Discounted Cancer Biomarker Screening

Nobody has a better understanding of the inherent risks that our jobs present than the National Coalition of Frontline Workers. Early cancer detection can increase survivability by up to 10X. The NCFW has partnered with OneTest to give our members affordable access to early cancer screening. OneTest measures tumor proteins and not genes. This testing method increases sensitivity by up to 6X for females and 2X for males resulting in more accurate results. OneTest has graciously extended a 25% discount to all members of the National Coalition of Frontline Workers. Please contact us today to find out how you can use this great benefit of the NCFW.

Additional Services

  • Access to wellness advocates
  • Care coordination
  • PTSD, mental health, and addiction service coordination

Discounted Educational Services

Discounted tuition at Waldorf University

Waldorf University understands the sacrifice of frontline workers and wants to make earning a degree more attainable by partnering with the National Coalition of Frontline Workers to offer all NCFW members and family of NCFW members a huge 25% discount. That 25% discount has a value of $4750 for an associate degree. With over 100 online degrees available Waldorf University is accessible to everyone from coast to coast no matter how busy your schedule is. If you are interested in a degree in Fire Science, Criminal Justice, Healthcare Management, Homeland Security, Emergency Management, or any of the other degrees that Waldorf University offers join the NCFW today for significant discounts in furthering your education. If you are already a member of the NCFW and want to take advantage of this great benefit please contact us today for your affiliation letter.

NCFW Scholarships and Educational Grants

The National Coalition of Frontline Workers recognizes the financial strain that college tuition can place on the family unit. Partnering with the National Coalition of Frontline Workers Foundation has given us the opportunity to offer great scholarships to our members. Annually the NCFW Foundation will award three scholarships to members of the NCFW to use towards their children’s education. There will be a scholarship awarded to the child of a member from each discipline. Each scholarship will have a value of not more than $1000 and can be used at any accredited school toward a degree program or toward any vocational program. Contact us today to find out how you and your child can apply to this great benefit.

Additional Services

  • Discounted Tuition at partnering colleges and universities
  • Maximized college credits
  • Continuing Education Opportunities
  • More Partnerships in-process for members only

Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University’s online B.S. in health care administration with a concentration in emergency medical services prepares health care professionals to examine current issues affecting community EMS systems, as well as to evaluate legal issues relative to EMS providers and organizations. Designed for EMTs, firefighters, first responders, and other emergency personnel who wish to expand their knowledge and skills related to the field of emergency medical services, this degree program offers a broad administrative foundation for new and seasoned professionals. This program focuses on emergency response operations, management and the planning and preparedness of emergencies.

Whether you are interested in pursuing law enforcement, social services, homeland security or a related field, a degree in criminal justice will prepare you for a career serving and protecting your community or nation. Columbia Southern University’s online criminal justice degree programs provides students with a working comprehension of constitutional and criminal law in contract to the judicial process and prepares criminal justice professionals to make rational decisions and informed responses to the daily challenges in law enforcement.

For more information, visit:

Continued Growth

As our membership continues to grow, so too will our benefits for you. We are already working on programs to include:

  • NCFW Benevolent Fund: Oversight for the growing list of benefits assembled to assist our members. (Qualifying Process Required)
  • Line of Duty Death Benefit: An underwritten life insurance policy that will give you peace of mind for your family in the dreadful event of a Line of Duty Death. (Qualifying Process Required)
  • Vaccine Injury Assistance Fund: Financial assistance for members who have been deemed as vaccine injured; discounted access to our full concierge nursing services for wellness visits, routine follow-up care, and overall healthcare needs. (Qualifying Process Required)

Our Commitment to our Members

Membership attrition is the primary threat to the sustainability of an organization. Because the National Coalition of Frontline Workers was founded on the principle of everyone joining together across all sectors of Frontline Workers to create one powerful voice membership, retention is our number one priority. If we fail to retain members we fail to succeed as an organization. Membership retention is not only a prerequisite for the development of a strong organizational voice; it is imperative for maintaining the financial stability of the organization, which supports that voice. Members’ dues go directly to funding the political efforts decided by the members and continuing to provide the most important member benefits that assist members in excelling in their field of expertise, providing discounts for specific job-related items such as tools, equipment, uniforms, etc. Additionally, members’ dues allow affordable access to other insurances and coverages including legal representation for human rights and civil liberty issues.

The National Coalition of Frontline Workers acknowledges that remaining relevant in non-election years is a challenge. Accordingly, we are committed to ensuring each member has full access to coalition resources throughout the duration of the membership. A “regular” Tuesday is just as important to us as a “Super Tuesday.” In that spirit, The National Coalition of Frontline Workers will provide continuous, relevant sponsored training to ensure every member can perfect their craft. The National Coalition of Frontline Workers will offer discounts for entrance exam preparation courses along with promotion exam and assessment preparation courses. The National Coalition of Frontline Workers is committed to its members because the members are the backbone of this country’s health, safety, and security.