Membership Information

Thinking about becoming a member of the National Coalition of Frontline Workers?  

Let us tell you about what benefits you will have immediate access to. 

  1. YOUR VOICE HEARD! True Representation: This is by far the most valuable benefit of becoming a member of the National Coalition of Frontline Workers. You will be called on to cast your vote for political leaders in your area for local, state, and national elections. We are not affiliated with a political party so the majority vote for any particular race will have the full support with boots on the ground campaigning and financial backing to get our candidates elected to protect the rights of frontline workers across the country. Whether the membership wants to stand behind a candidate that is against unconstitutional mandates of any kind or a candidate that vows to support Frontline Workers through increased budgets, compensation packages or retirement benefits we will always represent the voice of our membership no matter the topic. 

  2. IMMEDIATE POWERFUL SUBSTACK ACCESS: As a member of the National Coalition of Frontline Workers you will have unlimited access to our Substack for FREE. This is a savings of $300 annually. Our Substack will give you full access to all of our media content including, but not limited to podcasts, interviews with leaders in our fields and political leaders. Our Substack is published at least once a month and you will be sure to be up to speed on all of the information you need to perfect your craft, make informed decisions and become educated on subjects that matter most to you. Because this organization is for the members we will welcome any recommendations from any of our members for Substack topics. In addition to Substack topic recommendations we will feature members periodically in our publications to increase awareness throughout our great Country. 

  3. WELLNESS CONCIERGE SERVICE: Members will also have access to a healthcare/wellness concierge service that will support and guide them through the intake process for mental health and addiction services. We recognize that the most overlooked aspect of mental health and addiction services is people falling through the cracks and the National Coalition of Frontline Workers has an unwavering commitment to making sure that does not happen to any of our members. Your confidentiality is a top priority so we will be involved in your journey as much or as little as you choose. We have strategic partners that our concierge service will guide you through to make sure you get the help you need when you need it. 

  4. ACCESS TO DISCOUNTED EDUCATION SERVICES:  The National Coalition of Frontline Workers feels strongly about the betterment of our members so we have partnered with higher education systems that will offer all of our members and family members discounted tuition for certificate and degree programs. In addition to discounted tuition let us help make sure you can maximize your existing college credits into points toward your next promotion. Don’t have any official college credits? That is ok because there is a lot of training that you may have already completed that can earn you college credits before ever stepping foot into a classroom or signing on to your first online college class. 

  5. GROWTH: With the help of our growing membership, the benefits accessible through the National Coalition of Frontline Workers will increase exponentially to include: 
  • Benevolent Fund to assist members with financial aid during trying times. (through a qualifying process) 
  • An underwritten life insurance policy that will give you peace of mind for your family in the horrific event of a Line of Duty Death. (through a qualifying process)
  • Access to a vaccine injury fund that will help members on the road to recovery and returning to full duty with financial assistance. (through a qualifying process)
  • Discounts for access to a full concierge healthcare service that will provide direct access to licensed clinicians for well visits, ongoing medical treatment and overall healthcare needs. 

What is the process for a member to join?  John Doe hears about a great organization that he wants to be a part of how can he become a member?  

  • Frontline workers from across the country can join the National Coalition of Frontline Workers many different ways. The most streamlined method to join is by clicking the JOIN NOW button located on every page of our website 
  • If you do not have internet access or there is a glitch with technology you can email our membership division at and one of our frontline workers will guide you through the membership process even if we have to do it manually. We will always find a way to help. 
  • If all else fails and all you have is a pay phone as you find yourself “standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona” you can all is at (833) 469-6239 (833-4MYNCFW). If it is outside of normal business hours we will return your call within 24 hours. 
  • Lastly, you can text us at (833) 469-6239 – (833-4MYNCFW)