WASHINGTON, DC – From millions of frontline workers to millions of active-duty military and veterans, President Biden’s recent proclamation that the pandemic “is over” couldn’t have come soon enough. Many Americans have been forced to choose between getting the jab or keeping a job for the past few years. First responders put their lives on the line for Americans daily and want an end to mandates and the termination of the “Emergency Use Authorization” (EUA.)

“It’s a dangerous precedent to give that much power to people wielding a very new technology across the entire population,” said Liam Madden when asked about the COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Madden is a US Marine Corps veteran who won the Republican primary in Vermont running as an independent.

The COVID-19 vaccine and mandates have elicited strong emotions from a large and diverse swath of the American public. Former pediatric charge nurse Tawny Buettner from San Diego lost her job to the mandates after she questioned why the hospital she worked at was not reporting adverse reactions to VAERS. She was treating vaccine injured children diagnosed with Myocarditis when she was terminated.

FDNY Captain Brendan Fogarty’s impassioned testimony to the New York City Council last week went viral on social media.

“I was allowed to work through the pandemic, but I wasn’t allowed to eat at a restaurant…I could wear the uniform, go to a burning building, but not eat here.”

Steve Kirsch, a philanthropist, and founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, has among the most widely read substacks on Twitter. Kirsch has observed the public’s growing opposition to the mandates and vaccines.

“For the longest time, the FDA and CDC wouldn’t even acknowledge the millions of deaths and injuries caused by these experimental vaccines…now you have renowned doctors, such as FDA advisor Dr. Paul Offit, claiming that even he won’t get the booster ‘because it’s only been tested on eight mice.’”

Another recent trend Kirsch points out is the correlation between the sharp rise in sudden deaths of young and middle-aged Americans and the unprecedented public pressure campaign to push vaccinations. And while some claim COVID-19 infection poses a higher risk for myocarditis than vaccines, a new Israeli study of 200,000 unvaccinated patients with Covid-19 compared with 591,000 patients without Covid-19 concluded:

“We did not observe an increased incidence of myocarditis in patients (18+ years of age) recovering from COVID-19 infection. Post-Covid-19 was not associated with myocarditis.” –Journal of Clinical Medicine, April 2022.

Kirsch points to a new television ad running in New York City and paid for by New York Presbyterian Hospital warning the public, specifically children and parents, of myocarditis. “That spike protein comes in high concentrations from only one place, the mRNA vaccines.”

Rick Sterl, a Florida battalion chief and President of the newly created organization, National Coalition of Frontline Workers, believes the vaccine and mandates brought workers together. They are presently organizing a massive referendum and recruitment drive in New York, Ohio, and Florida.

“During the lockdowns, millions of frontline workers were isolated from each other, and we didn’t feel adequately represented…but at that first Defeat the Mandates march in January in DC at the Lincoln Memorial, we all found each other, united, and decided to get organized to fight back.”

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