Frequently Asked Questions


Below you will find some Frequently Asked Questions along with their answers. If you have a question that is not listed, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Is the NCFW a union?2023-01-04T18:50:32-05:00

No, we are not a union.

The NCFW is a coalition of like-minded Americans that are also members of the emergency frontline.

There are many things a Union can do that our coalition cannot do and vice versa.

Where is your organization based?2023-01-04T18:50:09-05:00

Our headquarters are in Washington DC. Our board of directors are from different (US) states and disciplines.

I know someone that’s a volunteer, can they also be a member?2023-01-04T18:50:08-05:00


The NCFW recognizes volunteer firefighters, other volunteer first responders, healthcare providers, or law enforcement as important contributors to the frontline.

How can I support political efforts that benefit frontline workers?2023-01-04T18:52:05-05:00

Being available to assist with time comes in “boots on the ground” action.

Assisting the organization with networking opportunities and connections.

You can make donations to the Frontline for Freedom Hybrid PAC.

Contact our legislative division if you’d like to assist at


Are you a non-profit organization?2023-08-21T16:08:50-04:00


The NCFW has an incorporated foundation for charitable membership support.
The 501(C)(3) division of the NCFW is called: “National Coalition of Frontline Workers Foundation, Inc.”
Your donations to the foundation are tax deductible.

I am a retired nurse, firefighter, law enforcement, can I be a member?2023-01-04T18:53:35-05:00


We more than welcome retirees from the frontline firefighters, law enforcement, nurses, frontline workers.

We recognize the huge backgrounds, experience and institutional knowledge that exists with our retired frontline.

I’m interested in furthering the cause of the NCFW, can I start a chapter in my state / region?2023-01-04T18:55:22-05:00

The NCFW is not set up this way, we do not have chapters.

The NCFW is a national organization. We do not have chapters; however, we have a growing list of key individuals that are assisting as coordinators in areas throughout the nation.

Our mission is to give each member an individual voice. If you would like to be involved at a higher level, please contact us or call the national call line at (833) 469-6239.

Where can I find a listing of the benefits of being an NCFW Member?2023-01-04T18:56:59-05:00

Primarily, an NCFW Member receives a voice and individual choice in voting that matters to them.

In addition to the voice / vote / choice, the NCFW member receives immediate benefits such as access to reduced education, access to a nurse concierge service, access to reduced early cancer diagnostics, and an expansive sub stack.

For a full list of benefits, click here.

Is the NCFW a left or right leaning organization?2023-01-04T18:57:43-05:00

The NCFW is proud of its non-partisan platform.

We have a non-partisan voting process and members have the choice to vote for all parties. With our voting system every member is provided an equal option to vote, the results are open to whichever party is selected by majority vote.

I have some friends interested in joining, where can I direct them to get more information?2023-01-04T19:00:01-05:00

You can refer them to our website at, follow our social media channels, and attend our weekly Town-Hall meetings.

Attend weekly town hall zoom meetings every Thursday at 7 pm – access through our website’s main page.

Contact us to set up a face-to-face or virtual meeting with a group to cover the details.

How is my vote counted?2023-01-04T19:01:48-05:00

Through a secure on-line voting process, each member gets one vote per candidate / legislative item.

Each member is allowed access to voting for their state / region through a secure on-line voting process.

Members are provided with information to review on each candidate or legislative item, including when available – recorded candidate interviews. Through credentialing, each member is allotted one vote per item /candidate.

All NCFW members will have a vote and a voice on national races and certain legislation that affects our Nation.

Can I be a member of the Union or other organizations and still join?2023-01-04T19:02:19-05:00


NCFW is another option for Frontline Workers and is not attempting to replace any other organizations.

Many of our members are members of other organizations, unions, etc. and the NCFW, so they can exercise a personal vote to help support endorsements that make sense to them.

What if I join and decide later that the NCFW is not for me?2023-01-04T19:07:38-05:00

You can withdraw your membership at any time, there is no obligation.

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